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Our Instructors

Jenine Lepera Izzi studied art and design in New York City ad Florence, Italy for many year.  She has developed her own techniques in rendering jewlery designs. Her unique style of design is a culmination of training as an interior designer as well as a bench jeweler.  Her work synthesizes her lifelong interest in design, a facination with color, and an attention to detail that she brings into the classroom.

Raymond Hakimi an award winning jewelry designer at Jewel of Ocean, who grew up in an industry business, is also a bench jeweler, metalsmith, dealer, importer, appraiser, jewelry industry historian, and educator.


Kristin Hanson won  the coveted 2007 Couture Awards as one of America’s top couture designers.  Hanson’s designs and dedicated work as an educator and natural color diamond specialist evolved to international recognition as a leader in the fine jewelry industry.   Kristin studied over 6 years classical European fine jewelry, first journeying to Colorado to study with legendary master goldsmith Harold O’Connor.  Today her collections are available in Neiman Marcus department stores across the country. 

Nancy Klein is a Marketing and Branding Professor at Parsons School of Design, she owns NLK® Consulting & Design, LLC, www.nancyklein.com and has also appeared on QVC and HSN selling her own brands. Nancy has worked in all facets of the jewelry industry for over 25 years.
Rémy Rotenier learned classic jewelry rendering and design of jeweled objects d’art including clocks, and desk accessories, as an intern at Cristofol Frères in Paris in 1984. Today he creates custom designs for private clients. He has developed his own collections including Rémy Rotenier for Bella Luce and Lutece by Rémy for Jewelry Television. Remy resides in New Mexico where he regularly teaches jewelry design and rendering classes.

Martinu Schneegass grew up in Germany and obtained a Masters in Architecture in Darmstadt, Germany; then a second Masters in Fine Arts at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. He participating in art shows in six countries, before moving to USA in 1980. He has worked in exhibit design and advertising, and has created his own fashion accessory line of ties, scarves, vests, and jackets under the name BoTé New York, with showrooms in five US cities. He has been freelancing for over 30 years.

Vashti de Verteuil is the owner of Gallery Vercon, located on E9th Street in the East Village. She is a teaching professor at Parsons School of Design at The New School, and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, both universities in New York City. The artist was also a successful freelance designer ofscarves, belts, and jewelry for Yves St. Laurent and other Parisian couture houses.